Hi, I’m Daniel Farrelly. I like cookies, but that’s not what this page is about.

A portrait of Daniel Farrelly, standing in front of shelves that contain Lego, books and a model Delorian

I first discovered the joys of the internet when I was a teenager. I began frequenting and contributing to sites like LotsOfSkins and ArtUproar (both long since dead), under the same online handle I go by today: jellybeansoup. It was in IRC chat rooms for these same sites that I was first called “Jelly”, and the name somehow found its way out into the real world and stuck (possibly assisted by me).

In fact, these sites contributed a lot to my real life. I honed my skills in UI design by creating terrible skins for Windows Media Player. I first learned PHP development as part of developing an online “magazine” for LotsOfSkins. I contributed my skills to helping build and maintain ArtUproar (before its eventual demise).

Nowadays, I do a bunch of stuff: podcasts, a handful of apps, and the occasional open-source project. In general, though, I love to create things, and I do a substantial amount of design, development and illustration, both for work and pleasure.

Occasionally, I like to write things as well, which is kinda where this site comes in. Previously I have written stuff on my Tumblr, but I began to find that too restrictive, and so collected some of my “wordier” pieces here. I’ve also been known to write the occasional piece of fiction, having produced a webcomic for a couple of years, scripts for short films and screen plays, as well as some things I haven’t found time to publish yet.

In 2009, I met and somehow wooed Melissa Savage with BLT Pasta and a viewing of Serenity that we never got around to finishing (read: MAKE OUTS). We got married in 2012 (my apologies to Chris Evans), and every day we have crazy adventures, some (most) of which consist of sitting on the couch and watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. together.

Life is good.