Installing PHP Extensions with MAMP

Posted 11 years, 24 weeks ago.

This last weekend, I decided to knuckle down and build an OAuth server in PHP. One thing that had kept me from doing it until now was that I didn’t have the required extension installed in my development environment.

My development environment is MAMP (not the PRO version), which I’m running on OS X Mountain Lion. The combination made it a little more difficult to install extensions than I would have liked (though I am a bit of a command line n00b, so I guess there’s that).

So both to assist those who come after me, and also to remind me when I have to go through this again, here’s what I did.

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One More Thing 2012

Posted 11 years, 51 weeks ago.

These are the notes I took during the talks at the One More Thing conference in 2012, including the slides which I’ve collected into one convenient place.

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Getting the Warehouse 13 Ringtone

Posted 12 years, 13 weeks ago.

You too, could be this cool.

You and I both know you love Warehouse 13 just a little bit. And we all know you want the Farnsworth’s piercing noise for your phone (it makes you feel like you’re a Warehouse agent!). But, it’s difficult to find on the interwebs. And most of the places that you can find it are poor imitations, or screen-ripped recordings.

But there’s a solution. And while it would probably have been easier for me to just provide you with the file, it’s a) not as fulfilling as you getting it for yourself, and b) probably not as legal? I don’t know. I’m really just making sure my butt is covered. Also c) how else are you supposed to get your Claudia on? Nothing says “I’m a Warehouse 13 fan” like jury rigging your own ringtone.

So, here’s how to get the Warehouse 13 Farnsworth ringtone for your iDevice.

NOTE: These step by step instructions are for Mac OS X. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to get the same effect on Windows or Linux, but you might have to improvise a little.

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San Diego Comic Con 2011

Posted 12 years, 43 weeks ago.

What can I say you guys… San Diego Comic Con 2011 was insane in almost every conceivable way that word could be applied to an event. I have seriously never stood in line for anything as much as I have for Comic Con, but every single time I entered a hall, and when I collected my tickets for 2012, there was an outstanding sense of accomplishment.

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Disneyland, California

Posted 12 years, 43 weeks ago.

This post could be called “Anaheim, Caifornia” but the real truth is, we barely ventured outside of the park except to sleep and then there was that one time we ate dinner. Therefore… DISNEYLAND.

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