Hourly Comic Day 2018

Posted 6 years, 23 weeks ago.

After missing it last year, I added a reminder to my calendar so I would remember Hourly Comic Day as it approached this year. So on the 1st of February, I created a short comic to document every hour of my waking day and posted them to Twitter.

I’m looking forward to doing it again next year, though maybe with a little more preparation (like a pre-made template to draw in, or even just some kind of grid).

6:30am; Panel 1: Close up of Jelly, just waking up. Turbo V.O.: MROWR. MROWR. Panel 2: Jelly has rolled all the way over into Mel's side of the bed for cuddles. Turbo V.O.: MROWR. MROWR.  Jelly V.O.: The call of the hungry house cat. Panel 3: A very angry cat (Turbo). Turbo: MROWR. Panel 4: Mel has left the bed, and Jelly is now laying on his back in the centre. Jelly V.O.: At least I have the bed to myself.7:30am; Panel 1: Close up of a bathroom cabinet. Jelly V.O.: I forgot to tie my hair up last night. Panel 2: Jelly is looking in the mirror, his long hair is sticking out in every possible direction. Jelly V.O.: It's not sooo bad...8:20am; Panel 1: Jelly sitting in an office chair, Mel leaning over him. Jelly V.O.: Mel's heading to work. Jelly: Are you sure you you don't want a lift? Mel: No, it's fine. Panel 2: Jelly is furiously scribbling on his iPad. Jelly V.O.: Thank God, because these hourlies are kicking my ass.9:15am; Panel 1: Jelly looking at a cup of coffee sitting on his desk. Jelly V.O.: Oh right... I haven't had my coffee yet. It'll be cold now. Panel 1: Jelly drinking the coffee anyway. Jelly V.O.: STILL GOOD. Definitely not disgusting at all.10:35am; Panel 1: An image of Jelly's desk, with his laptop, phone, mouse, Nintendo Switch and some hairbands visible. Jelly V.O.: Installing updates on my laptop has been a bit stressful since one all-but-bricked it roughly 18 months back. Panel 2: Jelly is grimacing and trying not to look, while crossing fingers on both hands. Jelly V.O.: I'm sure it'll be fine.11:20am; Panel 1: Close up of an iPhone on a dock, displaying the GIFwrapped launch screen. Jelly V.O.: Finally getting around to my actual work... Panel 2: Jelly is playing his Nintendo Switch. Jelly V.O.: ...and maybe a little Celeste between builds.12:40pm; Panel 1: Jelly looks up to see an envelope appearing out of thin air. Envelope reads: From the future. Jelly V.O.: If I could send a message back to my past self... Panel 2: Close-up of two hands holding an unfolded letter from Jelly's point of view. Letter reads: You're a dumbass, love future Jelly. Jelly V.O.: ...it wouldn't be very positive.1:30pm; Panel 1: Jelly using his phone. Jelly V.O.: Ordering KFC for lunch because it's easy. Panel 2: Jelly is in his car at the KFC drive thru window, with the cashier leaning out to speak to him. Cashier: Sorry, we can't find your order. Jelly V.O.: Figures2:30pm; Panel 1: Jelly is placing a bag of rubbish into a bin. Jelly V.O.: Took the rubbish out to prevent Turbo "discovering" my KFC scraps... Panel 2: Jelly is standing on the curb, with both bins. His hands are raised in the air in victory. Jelly V.O.: I am the best at house work. Footnote: not even slightly true.3:25pm; Panel 1: Close up of the Nintendo Switch from Jelly's point of view. Jelly V.O.: Fixing more bugs in GIFwrapped, and playing more Celeste. It's a really good game. Panel 2: An illustration of the main character of Celeste next to a strawberry. Jelly V.O.: I'm trying to collect all the strawberries. I'm also impressed with just how much I've done today.4:45pm; Panel 1: Turbo is sitting with his front paws and tail folded in, looking at you. Jelly V.O.: Turbo has quietly arrived in anticipation of dinner time. Panel 2: Turbo's head is peeking over the edge of Jelly's desk, causing Jelly to jump in fright. Jelly V.O.: ...which isn't until 5:30pm.5:37pm; Panel 1: Mel is walking up the driveway. The bins are clearly seen in the background. Jelly V.O.: Mel is home from work. Panel 2: Mel is getting hugs and kisses from both Jelly and Turbo, and she hasn't even managed to put her bag down. Jelly V.O.: Everything is good now.6:15pm; Panel 1: Jelly and Mel are cuddling in bed, with Turbo laying on Jelly's stomach. Jelly V.O.: Enjoying some family time.7:25pm; Panel 1: Jelly is stepping through a sliding door, with Turbo peeking out behind him. Jelly V.O.: Taking Turbo outside for a little bit. Panel 2: Jelly is putting on a jacket. Jelly V.O.: It's cold enough to need a jacket. In summer.8:30pm; Panel 1: Jelly is sitting on a couch, with his feet on the coffee table, playing his Nintendo Switch. Jelly V.O.: Playing some Celeste. Don't have to pretend to be working anymore.9:20pm; Panel 1: Jelly is rolling a ball, with Turbo looking on intently. Jelly V.O.: Playing some games to appease Turbo. His favourite is "watching the humans play". Panel 2: A treat is being held above Turbo's head, Turbo reacts with heart eyes and by licking his lips. Jelly V.O.: ...or anything involving treats.10:45pm; Jelly V.O.: Panel 1: Jelly is brushing his teeth, his hair is tied up in a pony tail. Time... for... Panel 2: Mel and Jelly are in bed, Jelly has rolled all the way over to Mel's side for cuddles. Jelly V.O.: bed. Good night!